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Full Power Commercial FM Frequency Searches
Full Power Educational FM Frequency Searches
Form 301-FM Applications for Commercial Stations
Form 340-FM Applications for Non-Commercial Stations
Form 302 – FM License Application
FM Usable Area Studies
Upgrade Feasibility Studies
FM Relocation Feasibility Study
Form 335 – Digital Notification

FM Translator Search
Form 349 FM Translator Application
Form 349 FM Booster Application
Form 350 – License Application for FM Translator or Booster

Low Power FM Frequency Searches
Form 318 – LPFM Application
Form 319 – LPFM License Application

Multiple Ownership Compliance Study

AM Station Relocation Study
Form 301-AM Application
Form 302-AM License Application

Coverage Maps for AM, FM and TV
Longley-Rice Reception Maps

Studio Transmitter Link Searches
Form 601 Studio Transmitter Link Applications

7460-1 FAA Application
7460-2 FAA Notification of Construction Application
Form 854 – FCC Antenna Structure Registration

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